allow me to introduce myself...

I eat lots of noodles. I LOVE noodles. Love them so much I decided to make them the star of each page of this site (check out the header). See, they inspire me and they are delicious. You know what else inspires me? Travel. Dance. Music. A shot of good whiskey or a glass of fine red. But what really gets me going is the work I do and the people I work with. I enjoy collaborative endeavors and look forward to my next clients to take on new challenges. I graduated from Penn State University with Honors and earned a BFA in drawing and painting entering my field, hitting the ground running soon after. I grew up in Pennsylvania on the east coast, lived across the pond in Rome, Italy, Texas in the south/midwest and finally found a home here on the west coast in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area (and will probably never leave). I am a concept artist, illustrator and graphic designer with years of experience in each of those disciplines. My methodology is fundamentally simple but always forward-looking, always trying to find ways to update skills, and am excited by challenging new subject matter to research and learn about to take the project on. I am a Mac, Wacom and Adobe -based workstation; am both mobile and stationary and can work onsite, based in the Bay Area but can also travel if need be. Lets meet up, have a bowl of noodles and discuss the project you have on the drawing board!

how i work

I believe in full collaborative effort on every phase of a project I am working on. From concept to finished product, I encourage the client's full participation in creative decisions and the organic process of consistent and constructive dialogue to drive such decisions. When I take on a project, every resultant draft of the project is submitted for approval before proceeding to the next phase. I live and work in San Francisco and am available anywhere in the Bay area with relative ease during the business day. I work exclusively in a Mac environment and use the Wacom tablet series and am versed in Adobe software. I am mobile and can be onsite for long-term engagement.

Rates, timeframes and availability are negotiable and are based either by art asset or by entire project. Both hourly rate and project-based billing systems are optional based on your needs. Please feel free to contact me by email (preferred) or phone (during the business day, Pacific time) with any questions and inquiries!

private tutoring & classes

I have years of teaching experience in illustration/cartooning and software tutoring for digital workflow in 2D art and image-making. I offer private tutoring sessions for those that are in the bay area, the schedule for which is set by you pending availability for the sessions. Duration of the sessions are negotiable based on mutually-agreed upon goal setting, desired skill-set, process and experience. I also work with area elementary schools to develop after-school programs in order to create an avenue for earlier development in drawing and cartooning capabilities. I believe it is important to be able to express ourselves visually, and the hand-eye coordination of being able to communicate through visual media by various materials and processes is critically important. Please get in touch with me if you would like to work on the fundamentals of drawing/cartooning, digital painting or working with digital software to get a better understanding of image-making for your own artistic endeavors! Please also feel free to contact me if you feel I may be able to help pioneer a drawing/cartooning program in your area school!